Xain's Rating
User Comment Rating Solution Solution No.
dagoat46dagoat46 A really good tutor. thaks for the help in computer science A+ Shell Sort Assignment 35825
mandooman511mandooman511 He's excellent!! :) A+ Radix Sort Assigment 36061
ranch12ranch12 perfect, neat ad clean A+ linear algebra project 36063
LAKERS1LAKERS1 thanks for good work A+ HIGH LEVEL PROGRAMMING 40855
experttarunexperttarun good job A+ Pseudocode in Visual Logic 41645
bbutterbbutter great A+ Web Development Work 42512
va396053va396053 The solution was correct and was helpful. A+ Java Assignment 43126
sdave92sdave92 Great work! Thanks! A+ Assignment 1 questions 43278
navi510navi510 Did everything thanks A+ Algorithms Time Complexity 43450
pol212pol212 Handed work in even before deadline. Trustworthy A+++ A+ Vlookup Excel Assignment 43821
fshherryfshherry so far so good acceptable answer A+ Visual Logic Assignment 41139
BrazilianBrazilian Good comments, attentive and real. He fixed my messy code for real! Thanks! A+ File Processing System 44833
pol212pol212 Fantastic work as always. You can trust this guy A+ Microsoft Excel and Acess assignement 45367
BrazilianBrazilian Complex program, nice solution, hard worker individual! VERY attentive thanks mate! A+ File Processing System Part 2 45488
pol212pol212 Good work thanks A+ Microsoft Excel and Acess assignement 46055
maureenkurdimaureenkurdi great job thank you for your help A+ Biochemistry GRT1 WGU 46961
pol212pol212 Some errors but mostly correct Thanks A+ Microsoft Excel Assignement 47761
BrazilianBrazilian Great individual, hard worked and attentive. Very good tutor you can count on him! A+ Command Processing System 49327
pol212pol212 Good work Xain. Thanks. Did the assignment very well.Would recommend this tutor to anyone.Trusted A+ A+ Microsoft Access Assignement 49340
mrbranch206mrbranch206 great job got everything i needed A+ Linked List and Operator overloading 50495
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