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lilcruz05lilcruz05 Good work A+ CHEMICAL AGENT DISASTER 51254
Nasya2008Nasya2008 Great work and very prompt. A+ PRINCIPLES OF TERRORISM: THE TERRORISTS HOTSPOTS 53614
miniqueminique thanks A+ characteristics of communication 61815
ghst88riderghst88rider Did not do as described did not answer questions or complete as directed. C UNDERSTANDING TERRORISM 60894
miniqueminique thank you it was more than I needed. A+ MY ESCAPE FROM NORTH KOREA 64269
miniqueminique Once again thank you for the help A+ human trafficking 64613
miniqueminique thanks A+ LEGAL AND ILLEGAL ACTS IN U.S 68472
miniqueminique always come through A+ RATIONALE CHOICE THEORY 69165
miniqueminique always a pleasure A+ CRIME, VIOLENCE AND DEVIANCE 70498
miniqueminique thanks A+ BIOLOGICAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL 70524
miniqueminique You go above and beyond thanks A+ Genetic testing on human 70580
miniqueminique great work A+ NEUTRALIZATION THEORY 72777
BossBoss Very detailed, great references. Thanks for the help professor! A+ Sustainable Workforce Case Study 74323
BossBoss Work is always precise and to the point. Lists great references. A+ Labor Relations Case Study 74480
BossBoss The next Top Tutor in the making... kelvin777!!!! A+ scholarly and popular media articles 75856
miniqueminique As always excellent work A+ FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS : classification in prison facilities 77120
miniqueminique Got an A's...plagiarism free thanks a million A+ FLORIDA STATES CORRECTIONAL SYSTEM. 75854
miniqueminique As Always excellent work A+ THE FOOTPRINT AND FOOTWEAR EVIDENCE 77785
BossBoss A+ Role of criminal specialization and generalization 78145
BossBoss A+ Human developement theories 77876
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