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sarahf2525sarahf2525 B+ Emotional Intelligence and Effective Leadership paper+presentation 98257
ayalfredayalfred F mkt 500 week 6 dqs 98371
alejandraalejandra A+ Martin Luther King, Jr. I Have a Dream(Critical Thinking Essay) 98602
IaminurheadIaminurhead Look back at Q 3 in sect 2 has two parts, u only did 1 of them. The rest of the assignments was ok B+ Probation program 98673
CorranForceCorranForce Solution was not attached. F please check attached zip folder 97275
CorranForceCorranForce No file was attached to this post. F here is pending details 98710
CorranForceCorranForce Solution was done in VB.Net and not Java as the details of the posting stated. F GUI application using NetBeans details 98711
missletoemissletoe F Financial Statement Analysis 91966
aydeemaydeem B+ Case Study: Organizational Communication Scenario 99200
Nasya2008Nasya2008 Great work!! I will request assistance in the future. A+ Negotiating about Pandas for the San Diego Zoo 99485
pettyonepettyone This is not a java file. This should have been done in neteans. F Complete program in zip file 99633
ashleyliashleyli F Language Development Stages 100045
bkspecial2bkspecial2 B+ All answers from google book 97016
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