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Lg102784Lg102784 Great job A+ Review of Accounting Ethics - Week 3 65708
student003student003 You get what you pay form B+ The Effects of War and Peace on Foreign Aid 62887
30% plagiarized ???? A+ Opinion Assignment:paper + brochure 87028
berkiebeeberkiebee Great job, thanks! A+ business case 1 and 2 87173
winmeikwinmeik All copy not original at all!! F Political Action Awareness in Nursing+pleg report 88163
AnandAnand Excellent A+ WGU’s Class: Accreditation Audit AFT2 3 4 88678
paderez112paderez112 Thank you for your work! A+ Personal Crime Analysis 88757
gomogomo A+ Technical Paper: Risk Assessment 10 pages 88980
gomogomo Excellent tutorial A+ Virtualization in an organization A+ solution 91643
kumarc006kumarc006 Its not even 30% of the work and the details are missing. Don't buy it. F AEnergy Company Case Study 89026
slorussoslorusso A+ Case Anaalysis 3: Netflix’s Distribution Goes Beyond Disks 92679
kiwireed777kiwireed777 #11 & 16 were wrong, but i received an A. Thank you A+ BOLD AND UNDERLINE ARE ANSWERS 93035
kiwireed777kiwireed777 Not good, didn't receive a passing grade for this one #2,3,9,11,12,16,19 are incorrect F Bold and Underlined are Answers 93032
kiwireed777kiwireed777 Received a 100.... Good Job... Thanks A+ Detailed Answer of both parts 93034
mykeshiakamykeshiaka Fantastic essay A+ Assignment 1: Swift’s A Modest Proposal 93784
mykeshiakamykeshiaka Plagiarized F Assignment 1: Politics - Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow 93649
paderez112paderez112 Thank you! A+ Organizational Effectiveness Paper 94069
paderez112paderez112 Thank you! A+ 7 slides for both question speaker notes 94090
elmamctillerelmamctiller Great and on time work!! A+ Designing a book for science class 94410
mykeshiakamykeshiaka Very poor work, fail to fulfill requirement. Too expensive for unqualified paper. F Challenges in the Global Business Environment BOTH PARTS 95735
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