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Nasya2008Nasya2008 I have bought two solutions and there was no attachment. This is not good. F Debt administration 99192
Nasya2008Nasya2008 I. have purchased this solution and there was no attachment. (2nd purchase) F principles of capital budgeting and taxation 99197
Nasya2008Nasya2008 The work of this solution was great quality work. A+ Debt administration 99211
Nasya2008Nasya2008 Very clear and concise solution. I would recommend this tutor to others for assistance. A+ principles of capital budgeting and taxation 99210
Nasya2008Nasya2008 Provided high quality solution. A+ Revenue and Forecasting 99209
Nasya2008Nasya2008 Great work! A+ Constitutional law 99222
Nasya2008Nasya2008 Tutor produces great work. I will refer to others for assistance. A+ Public Administration 99224
Nasya2008Nasya2008 Great work as usual. Will work with this tutor again. A+ Discrimination during recruiting 99253
Nasya2008Nasya2008 Great work! Will request assistance in the future. A+ Discrimination Evaluation Report 99257
Nasya2008Nasya2008 Great work and was the perfect requirement. A+ Public Works Unionization Report 99297
Nasya2008Nasya2008 Provided great assistance. Will request future assistance. A+ GAO article 99244
Nasya2008Nasya2008 Great work! A+ Managing public resources 99228
Nasya2008Nasya2008 Thanks for your great assistance on this discussion. A+ Customer satisfaction ratings 99345
Nasya2008Nasya2008 Great work. I will use this. tutor in the future. A+ MPA - 2-Page memo 99542
Nasya2008Nasya2008 Great assignment and within the timeframe requested. A+ current events and trends 99583
Nasya2008Nasya2008 Great assignment. The assistance I recieied was very helpful. A+ IS planning scenario 99587
Nasya2008Nasya2008 Great work! A+ The IS leadership role and IS governance 99563
Nasya2008Nasya2008 Great assistance always. A+ Issues in information management 99589
Nasya2008Nasya2008 Great work and always very timely. Sometimes earlier than deadline date.. A+ Ethical considerations in Information Technology management 99603
Nasya2008Nasya2008 Excellent work and provided assistance prior to due date. A+ Human Resource Management 100085
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