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Extra Credit Assignment
Applying ethical theory (ETHICS)
In the News (BILBO)
Civil Service Rules (BILBO)
The Electoral College (BILBO)
In the News (BILBO)
The Presidency (BILBO)
In The News (Discussion) Nitkkr
Congress (Nitkkr)
Ethnic Situation Assignment (Nitkkr)
The Voting Rights Act Assignment (Nitkkr)
Ethnicity and the Road to Success (BILBO)
The Meltin Pot (BILBO)
In The News (Discussion)
Federalism (Discussion)
Overview of Federalism Assignment
Easter90 - Goodwill b
Competition prep
Diversity in the US
Social Welfare and the Policy-Making Process

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English & Grammar Quiz- 100%
Impact of Cultural Bias on Test Items
Amphetamine Use and Abuse
Psychology Promoting Cognitive Development [7 PAGES]
Sociology- International Faux Pas [1.2 Pages]
Sociology- Historical or Cultural Museum Visit [2.5 PAGES]
Sociology - Ethnic Church Observation- Muslim Mosque Visitation
The Faith Factor- What Role can Churches Play in At-risk prevention?
Ethics- Identifying Sexual Harassment Exercise
CJ- Create a computer forensic unit for a police department
FINAL PAPER- Post Modern Therapy- Narrative Therapy
Annotated Bib. – Post Modern Therapy Approach- Narrative Therapy
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button [6 Pages]
PSY357 End of Life Issues; The Right to Die [6 pages]
OUTLINE- Post Modern Therapy Approach: Narrative Therapy Model
Elkind's manifestations of adolescent egocentrism
PSY363- Assignment 3 The Mozart Effect
Unit III Project- The HumanMetrics Jung Typology Test
English 101- Incorporating Sources - Understanding Terrorism Paper
CHAPTER 12- Summary & Quiz – MORAL THEORY– Immanuel Kant,
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