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4 True or False Questions on Arthur Danto
Easter90 - Goodwill
Easter90 - H&L
Situational Reactions
Moral Reasoning
Elements of Reasoning and Intellectual Standards
Elements of Reasoning and Intellectual Standards
psychotherapy:sensationalists, rationalists, and romantics
Applying the 21 Synectics Steps
PHI210 Questions
HUM 112 - Assignment 3: Cultural Activity Report
HUM 112 - Week 9 Discussion
PHI210 Assignment
HUM 112 Assignment 2: Project Paper
PHI210 Questions
HUM 112 - Week 7 Discussion
HUM 112 - Week 6 Discussion
Assignment 3: Cultural Activity Report
Assignment 2: Project Paper
Week 5 Discussion

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In The News (Discussion) -
goodwill assignment
Hobbes and Locke
Instructional unit plan draft
Should Fathers be able to Veto Abortions?-Unit 4 discussion
Medical Marijuana Legalisation
Point of View
Is it Stealing?-A Discussion
Ethics Case Study
On Moral Absolutism
Solutions to Critical Thinking Analysis
Critical Thinking Analysis Solution
Critical Thinking : Wrong Answers Redone
A+ assured solution
ECE 101 - The history of early childhood education
BSHS 462 Week 5 Individual Assignment
PL201 4 Assignment: Aristotle concept of Eudaimonia"
PHI 208 Final Exam / PHI 208 Final Exam (UPDATED)
Affordable Health Care Act
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