Microeconomics, as the names suggest, preliminary focuses on the performance of the economy. It examines how well the financial markets are performing and what measures should be taken to keep them consistent to avoid shocks. Macroeconomics on the other hand deals with more serious issues like unemployment, price fluctuation and most importantly, provides tools for fiscal and monetary policies.

Microeconomics is about the behavior of an individual or a firm at the individual level. The Household is an important part of microeconomics. It studies the effect of household on the goods and services being produced in the market. This is where we apply the demand and supply theories to estimate how many units of the commodity should be produced. In order to avoid a shortage and keep the prices stable. Concepts like these are easy to read, but extremely difficult when students are asked to apply theories and draw result. The microeconomics does not end here. Concepts similar to these,  but with totally different application is another issue. Professional economics homework help is needed to have a clear understanding of all these problems. School students start with basics like Marginal Rate of Substitution, Consumer Equalibrium, Utility, derivation of demand and supply curves, etc. It is comparatively easy for students to prove a law using a schedule and diagrams. When it comes to proving a law mathematically, that might problematic for students.

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