Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering enables us to revolutionize the machines by designing them in more innovative ways. This branch of engineering uses the laws of physics and material sciences for improving the operational capabilities of the machines. This systematic and organized study helps analyze the manufacturing process more precisely.

This diverse subject helps translate the idea into a fully functioning product. The automotive industry has been changed completely in the past few years. Airplanes are now safer, capable of lifting heavy loads. Manufacturing industry is more efficient with automated robots. The examples do not end here. This engineering is for those who want to pursue their career as a researcher or teacher. This subject is highly recommended for students having interest in applied sciences and mathematics.

Following are some major fields and research areas covered in mechanical engineering:


In this branch of science we observe the heat and temperature. It helps determine how much energy is required to perform a particular task. It also studies the effects of radiation during the heat transfer from one body to another.


This classic concept is concerned with the behavioral changes occurring in physical bodies due to force. It helps inspect the movements of elements (either moving or stationary) at different velocities. 

Structural Analysis:

This field of science determines the structural strength and load bearing capacity along with other factors.


Advantages of mechanical engineering:

  • Job opportunities.
  • Innovation research teams.
  • Work with giant machines sound interesting.
  • Develop new technologies and making human life easier.

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