Human Resource Management

Human resource management is the study of how resources should be allocated and how employees with different needs should be compensated accordingly. This subject provides different strategies for maintaining a balance between business and workforce planning. It also provides key elements for monitoring the operational capabilities of an organization. Apart from all these, a student with a human resource management major has adequate knowledge of analyzing data and utilizing the workforce accordingly. All these different concepts help in forming a strong organizational structure. Strong enough to take timely decisions by utilizing judgmental and deductive skills.

Some major areas in HRM:


First a very careful observation is conducted with all the facts and figures. An organization decides how much staff to employ. Then a team of experts conducts interviews to check the credibility of applicants. The chosen candidates are given different responsibilities according to his/her education and knowledge capabilities. This recruiting process is very crucial because the experts have to make sure that the selection process is free from any discrimination.

Compensation and benefits:

This department of HRM makes sure that employees are getting the rewards they deserve. These include wages, bonuses and other compensations. The list of responsibilities does not end here. They have to make sure that employees are getting paid according to the Fair Labor Standards Act and all their records are maintained properly.

Employee Development:

This area makes sure that employees are given all the necessary human resource management training and equipment. Employees are well aware of their rights, duties and responsibilities. This also helps allocate workforce, according to the skills and abilities. In an organization, everybody is important.  A receptionist to operational manager, everyone is trained properly so they can conduct their duties confidently.





An organization is responsible for taking care of the safety of their employees. This area of HRM makes sure that building has all the safety equipments to meet the safe and healthy act requirements. To avoid any unforeseen circumstances, safety meetings and audits are conducted on monthly basis.

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