What is geometry?

Geometry is the branch of mathematics in which we deal the properties of points, lines, and circles. This subsidiary of mathematics also includes a major component like calculus.

How to solve geometry problems?

One should start form ground up when dealing with math. The success in this subject depends purely on the attitude of the student and patience. We’ll be dealing with lots of formulas. Students learning algebra for the first time may find hard and confusing. The reason may be the text books. They are filled with geometric functions along with areas and parameters. Drawings of different types of angles and triangles may add some confusion to their minds. But instead of getting nervous it’s better if students follow these tips:

•    Never underestimate the importance of basics
•    Learn better techniques to solve geometric problems.  
•    Be a consistent learner
•    Avoid frustrations
•    Keep practicing
•    Start small with basic components including point, ray, line and line segments

Importance of geometry:

Geometry help you better predict on the basis of observation. The results that are concluded from this technique are undoubtedly accurate.

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