The French language acquires its origins from Italian, Portugese and Spanish, while some parts of its vocabulary are derived from Mediterranean languages. Over many successive years the language has evolved substantially. Despite all the changes, French still manages to maintain its traditional charm and existence.

French is considered to be major language which is not restricted to France only. There are other countries like Switzerland and Belgium where people widely speak this language. Then there are many regions of Asian countries (southeast), which were once used to be the colonies of French community. In some areas of Monaco and even Canada,  French is declared as the official language. The language is spoken in more than 50 countries with an estimated 200 million speakers worldwide.  Spreading throughout 5 continents, French is undoubtedly a reputed medium of international communication.

Students whose native language is not French, might face trouble learning the language. The more you speak, the more you learn. This rule is not just applicable for French only, but to all the languages. So, from where should one start. There are lots of French schools you can sign up for, but, the most convenient way is learning online. Why? Because with more added features and customizable options, sites are now becoming one of the best learning platforms. As a part of basic french language course, pronunciation may be an issue because adopting an French accent may be exaggerating. Then there are IPA (international Phonenic Alphabets) to help improve your listening skills. There are numerous advantages you can avail by signing up for Get a phrasal book recommendation or learn the complex diphthongs and monophthong. The help is just a click away. 

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