Environmental studies

What is environmental science?

The field of environmental science studies the effects of humans on the environment. It also refers to the interaction between physical and biological peripheral. In other words, we can say that this branch of science is based on the observation of natural and unnatural phenomena. Environmental science is a sensible major choice as there are numerous employment opportunities. Students having a degree in environmental science can apply for civil or environmental engineering sectors. There are a number of regulatory authorities and consulting departments that you can sign up for. Some discussed issues are as follows:

Human overpopulation:

 Overpopulation occurs when the number of people exceed more than the capacity of a certain region. This can have devastating effects and can lead to food and shelter shortage. This is caused due to inconsistent birth and death rates.

Land use:

It involves using the land by modifying it. How land should be arranged to make it more productive. It also helps determine whether use of fertilizers benefits the irrigation or not. Land use varies from land to land and region, therefore, it is essential to underline all these aspect to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

Intensive farming:

In intensive farming,  agricultural activities are carried out on a large scale.  Higher capital and labor resources are invested to meet the growing food requirements of a specific region. Environmental scientist studies the impacts and report their concerns to the local authorities. Their job is to restrict all the action that might damage the environment, including deforestation and greenhouse gases being released into the air.

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