Importance of English language:

Learning English language is not easy especially when that language is you native language. There is no shortcut or one simple rule for learning a language. It entirely depends upon the technique you are using and how serious your attitude. At the beginning it might seems boring because you may not be able to understand most of the words the reason is your poor listening, speaking, writing and reading skills. But obviously this is not the end of the world. You can learn this language but commitment is the first thing to start with. Question arises here, why it is important to learn English language? The answer is yes because it is a universal language. Over 300 million people speak this language as their native or second language.

What is takes to learn English language?

Language is an art which requires hours and days of practice to master. First thing first to is be imaginative. Let your ideas translate through your words. Writing will definitely improve your vocabulary and grammar. This will also help you to be more innovative. Secondly, reading books will help you to better understand syllables phrases and words. Moreover you will get to learn how words should be spoken when joined with one another.

How to learn this language effective?

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