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Cyber Attacks
Discussion basing on Wikipedia
Training the Trainers on Stalking
well reserached, law assignment plus references
Global Perspectives Assessment
perspective and how their ideologies associate with what Obama is currently doing
issues of privacy and security and/or the relation between human rights and cultural diff
Generally what ethical issues are at stake in using this type of Reporting program
ethical relativism and/or the criticisms raised against it
Hobbes and Locke on the question of human nature
Post Comment and question about Mill's defense of liberty and individuality Reference
Is morality universal, based on reason and self-imposed as Kant claims
think through ethical problems, when you are thinking carefully and systematically?
Add specific case study of a Ransomware incident.
debate as to whether terrorists should be tried as criminal
Does torture work? Why (why not)?
Compare coverage from three media outlets about a single specific terrorist incident
Examine the published ISO/IEC 27005 series of standards for security management.
theoretical literatures we have covered in the class
thoughtful follow-up comment to the relevant discussion forum for one of these news postings.
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