Applied Mathematics

This branch of mathematics includes methods that are applicable in the field of science, business, industry and engineering. In other words, we can say that applied mathematics is the practical application of mathematical tools. This subject primarily deals with the study of naturally occurring and connecting it to the real world. Students who want to acquire an applied mathematics degree should gain comprehensive and thorough knowledge of:

  • Integral Calculus 

This division of calculus deals with the integrals. Integrals are the object and fundamental part of derivatives.


  • Complex variables:

In this branch of math we analyze the functions. In physics, two dimensional problems are solved using complex variables.


  • Equations (partial and ordinary)

Partial equation is used to find the derivative by solving functions with unknown variables. While ordinary equation contains function and an independent variable.


  • Vectors:

Vectors are numbers which are either added or multiplied. The purpose of this calculation is to get scalars.


  • Linear& non - linear problems:

These are used to find the solutions of practical problems. Solving these problems require certain constraints.

Applied mathematics, mainly focuses on:

  • Solving mathematical problem using the appropriate formula
  • Modeling different techniques & strategies
  • In-depth analysis
  • Modeling and problem solving

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