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The logic in choosing the ZIP codes of Blacksburg, Virginia 24060 and Bent Mountain, Virginia, 24059 was based on family location and good schools.  Blacksburg, Virginia has been selected as one of the best places to raise a family.  According to Wong (2011), “Excellent schools, combined with an affordable cost of living, relatively low crime, and plentiful amenities lifted Blacksburg to first place in’s sixth nationwide ranking of best places in each state in the U.S. to raise kids” (para. 3).  I believe that if a community is a good place to have children, then it would be good for singles or couples, as well.  The logic behind choosing the size and the specifications of each house was to find a slightly larger house that would be accommodating for guests and family growth.

The total prices of the two homes are $254,900 and $199,000.  There is a difference of $55,900 between these two homes.  Considering that the one that has the larger price tag is also a little newer and larger in square foot it seems a little more equal.  However, the less expensive home in Bent Mountain does have a larger yard that could add to the value.  When comparing the price per square foot it becomes apparent that these homes are similar in price when it comes to size as the Blacksburg home is $113 per square foot while the Bent Mountain home is $96.  There is only a difference of $17.00 per square foot between the two homes.        

The demographic data for each of these homes are very similar which could explain why they are so close in price when considering how the home in Blacksburg offers an additional bedroom and bath