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What are business ethics and how are they developed? Business ethics are ethical and moral values that take place within a work environment. According to (Trevino & Nelson, 2007), business ethics are “behavior that is consistent with the principles, norms, and standards of business practice that have been agreed upon by society.” Ethics are nothing more than an individual’s moral principal or moral values. Business ethics relate to any and all business conducted by individuals and organizations as a whole. There are different variations of business ethics; on a large scale, business can take a moral stance as an organization as a whole, but on a smaller scale, businesses need to treat every individual with dignity and respect. Business ethics are, and were developed by natural human behavior in an organization. There are three steps to business ethical decision making: 1. Moral awareness which is the understanding of the existence of an ethical problem. 2. Moral judgment which is an individual’s decision on what is right and what is wrong. 3. Ethical behavior which is an individual’s actions to do the right thing.

What do you consider to be the source of ethics? I consider the source of ethics to be the moral judgment that lies within all of us as individuals. Ethics are a human’s natural desire to live well, live ethically buy the laws of the “God” they worship, and by selfish desire within all of us.