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XCOM285 - Week 2 DQ 1 & DQ 2

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DQ 1

For the last two years I have been a professional student and a stay at home dad. Due to this I have chose to talk about someone who is near and dear to me personally, my dad. There are some attributes that make him an effective communicator. Firstly and most importantly, he is a very good listener. I can share with him anything and I know that when I tell him something is private, he will acknowledge and respect my request to keep it secret, even if that means keeping it from mom. What I have observed so far about his personality is that he is so patient with everyone no matter what is being communicated. The most important and crucial part of communication is having the ability to listen and comprehend within a conversation. My dad can do that. He knows when he should speak and knows when he should listen. He can also judge others body language properly, he can read and comprehend writte