XCOM 285 week 2 CheckPoint: Audience-Focused Communication Matrix - 10203

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   CheckPoint: Audience-Focused Communication Matrix




·         Complete the Audience-Focused Communication Matrix, located in Appendix B, using the following information:




o    Communication must always be designed with the audience in mind. You have been called upon to present quarterly sales information in an in-person meeting to a group of stakeholders that includes managers, salespeople, and customers.




o    What are some audience characteristics you need to consider?




o    What communication channels are appropriate and why?




o    What are some considerations you must keep in mind with the diversity of the audience?




o    What can you do to ensure that your message is effective?




·                     Postthe completed matrix as an attachment.




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     CheckPoint: Audience-Focused Communication Matrix





Appendix B.doc
Appendix B.doc