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XCOM 200\Week 8 - Assignment: Managing Relationships Paper

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Week 8

Assignment: Managing Relationships Paper


I will be talking about my married life. It has been 8 years since we are in a husband-wife relationship. We were very good friends before getting married and got along well with each other. The early years of our married life went smoothly but with the passage of time different issues started to emerge which complicated our relationship. Thus, I really want our relationship to escalate and deep down I have this feeling that my husband also wants the same thing to happen.

 There are various factors that contribute to short-term initial attraction such as propinquity. We get attracted to those who work or live near us. The key driving force for initial attraction is physical attractiveness. Moreover, initially we like people who have similar or complementary needs. Similarly, responsiveness and reciprocal liking also result in short term attraction. I got initially attracted towards my husband due to his physical appearance. He was a good looking person and someone with an impressive personality. The first time I saw him, I realized he seemed exactly the type of man I have always wanted.

However, for lon