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Intercultural barriers in film paper

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Intercultural barriers in film paper

“The Gods Must Be Crazy” is a funny and captivating movie of the 1980’s, directed by Jamie Uys and featuring Nixau .The movie is about the coming together of different worlds yet also shows intercultural barriers that were present. The movie shows how distinctive cultures have a dissimilar relationship with the environment, other cultures, space, nature and time.

The film is based on Bushmen culture as well as the White South African culture. The movie starts in Kalahari Desert and is basically about Xi, a bushman who lives in the centre of the desert. He and his Bushmen tribe lives in peace and have no idea about the civilized world. They satisfy all their needs from nature. One day somebody throws over a bottle from his plane. A bushman comes across this empty glass bottle of Coca-Cola. The Bushmen are clueless as to where it came from so they decided to conclude that it is sent by the Gods. Initially, they believe that this bottle is something very useful and it greatly helped them in carrying out many of their tasks easily. However, with only a single bottle, bad feelings such as jealousy, hatred and anger begins to arise among the tribe members, resulting in fights. They thought that may be their Gods have made some mist