XCOM 200 week 3 CheckPoint: Word Barriers - 10187

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1.     CheckPoint: Word Barriers


·         Read the fictitious online chat conversation located in Appendix B.

·         Respond to the following in 150 to 300 words:


o    Identify four word barriers present in the instant messaging conversation.

o    Explain how each word barrier can negatively affect the characters’ relationship either immediately or in the long term.

o    Explain how each of the passages containing a word barrier could be rephrased to communicate more effectively.

·         Post your paper as a Microsoft® Word attachment.

·         Due Saturday in the Assignments link. When you post an assignment to the Assignments link, also post an electronically signed copy of the Certificate of Originality (available in Course Materials forum) at the same time.

·         Review assignment reminder and grading rubric posts for additional assignment clarification.