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You have been hired as the Director of IT at Elliott’s Solutions Inc (ESI). This is a multinational firm comprised of 3000 workers in the corporate office in New Jersey and 100-300 employees in offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Colorado, Tokyo, England, and Australia.

The organization utilizes Linux, Windows 2008, and some Novell servers that run legacy applications. Each division of ESI sets up its own network infrastructure. There is no real connectivity to the corporate headquarters, nor is there a common web presence for all branches or a standard for remote access. ESI has several sensitive contracts with the Department of Defense, which forbids access to any entity outside of the United States.

You have been given the task of creating a Network Infrastructure that is a comprehensive solution that connects all branches of ESI while maintaining a high level of security that meets current contract requirements. The departments that need increased collaboration are:





•Executive Management

Your solution must include the following:

•IPv4 and/or IPv6 Implementation and configuration plan

•DHCP options; if none, explain how you will make a pure static network work in an enterprise (not advised)

•A complete DNS design that makes it easy to establish and maintain a common web presence and Active Directory

•Secure and feasible routing solution

•Accommodations for remote and telecommuting users

•File server configuration

•Use of File Shares across the enterprise

•Implementation of DFS

•Recommended Disk Quotas

•Backup and Restoration plan

Your paper must follow the guidelines below:

•Include at least five in-text references from scholarly, peer-reviewed sources (i.e. direct quotes and the respective page numbers).

?You can access scholarly, peer-reviewed sources utilizing the journals and resources available in the CSU-Global Virtual Library. All sources must be cited properly using the CSU-Global APA format.

•A minimum of 15-20 pages in length; total of 17-22 pages with cover and reference pages

•Double spaced

•Font set to 12 and Times New Roman

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