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Part A: Description of Business Context Write a brief summary of the business context (e.g., manufacturing, marketing, finance, etc.) including the name of the company or organization. Part B: Problem/Issue State the business problem/issue to be addressed using statistics and why this problem/issue is important to the company/organization. Part C: Statistical Procedure Explain the statistical procedure (NOTE: Focus on ONE statistical procedure only) 1. Identify the variables: a) Independent variable: b) Dependent variable: 2. Name of the procedure/formula (e.g., ANOVA, Chi-Square, Hypothesis Test using z formula, Regression Analysis, etc.). NOTE: The procedure/ formula must be one that was in covered in the course: 3. Describe the statistical rationale/justification for choosing this procedure/formula: 4. Describe how the data are collected by the business/organization: 5. Describe how the data are analyzed (i.e., how the statistical procedure is performed): Part D: Decision/Interpretation Explain the type of business decision that the company/organization would make as a result of this statistical analysis.
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