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This week, students submit their Final Strategic Plan and Presentation. Students should use the generic communication plan outline developed in the Week Four Learning Team assignment to develop their final strategic plans. This plan consolidates the mission, vision, and values statements; SWOTT analysis; balanced scorecards; and communication plan. The final plan should be 2,800 to 4,200 words in length



WK5 Assignment:

Reference Chapter 13 (Attached)


Resources: Vision, mission, values, SWOTT analysis, balanced scorecards, and communication plan(This is a compilation of the last 4 weeks of assignments and work that you have already done.  Now it is adding the remaining portions and then piece it together.)


Write a 1,050-word section for your strategic plan in which you add your strategies and tactics to implement and realize your strategic objectives, measures, and targets. Also include an analysis of your communication plan in this final paper. Include marketing and information technology strategies and tactics. Using the class text, develop at least three methods to monitor and control your proposed strategic plan, being sure to analyze how the measures will advance organizational goals financially and operationally. Finally, recommend actions needed to address ethical, legal, and regulatory issues faced by the organization, and how they can improve corporate citizenship. Include your communication plan template with this paper.


Prepare four to five Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides in which you briefly outline the vision, mission, values, and balanced scorecard that you have developed for your business.






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