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Of the depression era emerged The Veteran generation and a world war. The radios used to rule the airwaves, phones were only party lines that could be shared with the neighbors, where reading was the standard, and letters gained popularity for communication.

The Second World War brought the initial major shifts to the financial system and also to workforce. Women became a prevailed facet of the workplace. They were the start of the multitasking need in the workforce.

The Boomers next hatched with the affluent time that folks had, when technology was setting to bud and that science aided much time from work and more leisure time. Education, Vacations, and volunteering were all elements of the landscape, where they were only for the eminent and rich before.

The Industrial Revolution during 1965 to 1980 marked changes that are still being felt.


Such a history brings us to the modern times of now. How we interact with one another, both from a work perspective and from a family perspective, are part of what generation we are coming from. The work life balances are now chapters to study. Veterans or Boomers are more inclined to shift into the new era. People are growing independent and self-centered. One generation desires to direct the other generation how to take actions and the new generation believes in innovation, they want to do it fresh.

In today’s state of affairs the main

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