Working Capital Simulation Managing Growth FIN/571 - 87944

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Working Capital Simulation Managing Growth



            Sunflower Nutraceuticals (SNC) is a privately owned distributor in the Miami, Florida area. SNC continues to operate and expand their market and product line however they have continued to break even in sales growth and total revenues annually. It is the goal to advise SNC on investing in growth and cash flow improvement opportunities. By assisting in the decision making process through Phases1 - 3 on opportunities such as taking on new customers, capitalizing on supplier discounts, and reducing inventory, it may aide SNC in a more lucrative financial position.

            “SNC started as an internet-based, direct-to-consumer distributor and retailer of dietary supplements.” The market included vitamins, minerals, and herbs for women and has currently expanded into launching several private label brands. Although health food companies have been around for ages providing such products, this is new for SNC. Research shows that the target audience for the company to thrive in industry growth will be “increase in the elderly pop