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Wikipedia Why or why not for College Institutions?

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Universities have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to Plagiarism and using APA guidelines. These guidelines follow a coherence to not only writing standards, but making sure that an author is given credit where credit due. There are many resources on the internet, books, newspapers, etc. But only some of them can be considered a true resource or factual information. Others fall in the other category as not so true or not valid as a professional resource. One such resource is called Wikipedia which basically claims that it is an online encyclopedia of knowledge. Most of us have used an Encyclopedia and we understand it to be true. Never really thinking or questioning it as a resource. This paper will make an attempt to look at both sides of the argument should we use Wikipedia or should we not? We will examine why colleges do not think of Wikipedia as a relevant source. We will also look at why some people or institutions look at Wikipedia as a valid resource.





The internet has opened up a world of new options, opportunities, and ideas for all of us to do with what we see fit. Within this world we have been given a lot of tools like Facebook, Twitter, EBay, and many more website resources. These resources allow us to do things like never before in our history. One of the tools that is available for free on the internet is called Wikipedia. Wikipedia started in 2001 by some college students with an idea. Their idea was to create an online Encyclopedia. They chose to use a platform that allowed people to contribute to what is called a wiki.A wiki allows a group of people to enter and communally edit bits of text. These bits of text can be viewed and edited by anyone who visits the wiki.” (B