Why did the Supreme Court move so slowly in extending the due process clause to states? - 75589

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The due process clause was not always afforded to the citizen of the state and was once only applied to the federal government. The reason for this was due to the rights of the state to govern. Because the Constitution established the right of the state to govern without intrusion by the federal government the high court hesitated to force the due process clause on the state. During the Civil War the battle amongst the states led to many injustices especially involving the property and seizure of this property by the state government. The constitution established the ''vested rights'' theory of protection of property (FindLaw, 2014). In order to prevent state governments from seizing a citizens property without due cause this right was applied to the state ensuring before property could be seized the citizen would have due process. The goal of extending the due process clause to the state was to establish equal protection standards for all citizens.