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Visit the website of any national or international retail company of your choice and discuss the marketing communications, selling strategies, and relationship marketing that you have observed during your review of the web site. Based on the website you visited and your other experiences with this company, discuss the IMC program being used.

List the website you visited. Do you feel it is effective? Why? How would you change the website in order to increase its effectiveness? How will the review and assessment of this site will affect the promotional communication programs of your product/service? 



Discussion #1 Why are there still poor people in America half a century after the implementation of a system of social welfare programs that were designed to end poverty?


Discussion #2 How much faith do you have that social security and Medicare will be there when it’s your turn to collect? Explain.

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The large retail company that I have chosen to explore is Cabela's, who refer to themselves as the world's foremost outfitter. Although they do have a number of stores scattered about the country, the company began life as a mail-order company. This has given than a distinct advantage over a company that started strictly as a brick and mortar store. Beginning life as a mail order company has allowed them to more easily convince their customers to supply them with the information needed to make marketing communications much easier. From the beginning to make contact, the customers needed to supply their names and addresses so they could obtain a catalog and then receive their product once they had made a purchase. Since then Cabela's has added the ability for their users to sign up for email mailing lists to receive sales information as well as special deal information. They have added feat