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Question 1 Which of the following is not a characteristic of the normal probability distribution? Answer The graph of the curve is the shape of a rectangle The total area under the curve is always equal to 1. 99.72% of the time the random variable assumes a value within plus or minus three standard deviations of its mean The mean is equal to the median, which is also equal to the mode. Question 2 A manufacturer wants to estimate the proportion of defective items that are produced by a certain machine. A random sample of 50 items is taken. Which Excel function would not be appropriate to construct a confidence interval estimate? Answer (I feel this question is a bit ambiguous. The answer depends upon in what form data is given. I have chosen the best answer) NORMSINV COUNTIF STDEV All are appropriate. Question 3 The expected value of the random variable is Answer s the standard error the sample size the population mean Question 4 Ordinary arithmetic operations are meaningful Answer only with categorical data only with quantitative data either with quantitative or categorical data with rank data Question 5 It is known that the population variance equals 484. With a 0.95 probability, the sample size that needs to be taken to estimate the population mean if the desired margin of error is 5 or less is Answer 25 74 189 75 Question 6 In a sample of 800 students in a university, 160, or 20%, are Business majors. Based on the above information, the school's paper reported that "20% of all the students at the university are Business majors." This report is an example of Answer a sample a population statistical inference descriptive statistics Question 7 The control limits for an x-bar chart are how many standard deviations above and below the process mean? Answer one two three four Question 8 A measure of the strength of the relationship between two variables is the Answer coefficient of determination slope b1 of the estimated regression line standard error of the estimate correlation coefficient Question 9 When the data have the properties of interval data and the ratio of two values is meaningful, the variable has which scale of measurement? Answer nominal ordinal interval ratio Question 10 If the cost of a Type I error is high, a smaller value should be chosen for the Answer critical value confidence coefficient level of significance test statistic Question 11 If the data distribution is symmetric, the skewness is Answer 0 .5 1 None of the other answers is correct. Question 12 Exhibit 10-3 A statistics teacher wants to see if there is any difference in the abilities of students enrolled in statistics today and those enrolled five years ago. A sample of final examination scores from students enrolled today and from students enrolled five years ago was taken. You are given the following information. Today Five Years Ago 82 88 s2 112.5 54 n 45 36 Refer to Exhibit 10-3. The 95% confidence interval for the difference between the two population means is Answer -9.92 to -2.08 -3.92 to 3.92 -13.84 to 1.84 -24.228 to 12.23 Question 13 Exhibit 3-2 A researcher has collected the following sample data. The mean of the sample is 5. 3 5 12 3 2 Refer to Exhibit 3-2. The interquartile range is Answer 1 2 10 12 Question 14 A sample of five Fortune 500 companies showed the following revenues ($ millions): 7505.0, 2904.7, 7208.4, 6819.0, and 19500.0. Based on this information, which of the following statements is correct? Answer An estimate of the average revenue for all Fortune 500 companies is 8787.42 ($ millions). The average revenue for all Fortune 500 companies is 8787.42 ($ millions). Over half of all Fortune 500 companies earn at least 7208.4 ($ millions) in revenues. If five other Fortune 500 companies were chosen, the average revenue would be 8787.42 ($ millions). Question 15 For the standard normal probability distribution, the area to the left of the mean is Answer -0.5 0.5 any value between 0 to 1 1 Question 16 For any continuous random variable, the probability that the random variable takes on exactly a specific value is Answer 1.00 0.50 any value between 0 to 1 zero Question 17 Excel's __________ can be used to construct a frequency distribution for qualitative data. Answer DISTRIBUTION function SUM function FREQUENCY function COUNTIF function Question 18 Excel's NORMSINV function can be used to compute Answer cumulative probabilities for a standard normal z value the standard normal z value given a cumulative probability cumulative probabilities for a normally distributed x value the normally distributed x value given a cumulative probability Question 19 The interquartile range is the difference between the Answer first and second quartiles first and third quartiles second and third quartiles second and fourth quartiles Question 20 Independent simple random samples are taken to test the difference between the means of two populations whose variances are not known. The sample sizes are n1 = 32 and n2 = 40. The correct distribution to use is the Answer binomial distribution t distribution with 72 degrees of freedom t distribution with 71 degrees of freedom t distribution with 70 degrees of freedom Question 21 Which of the following is an example of qualitative data? Answer social security number score on a multiple-choice exam height, in meters, of a diving board number of square feet of carpet Question 22 A frequency distribution is Answer a tabular summary of a set of data showing the fraction of items in each of several nonoverlapping classes a graphical form of representing data a tabular summary of a set of data showing the number of items in each of several nonoverlapping classes a graphical device for presenting categorical data Question 23 A tabular summary of a set of data showing the fraction of the total number of items in several nonoverlapping classes is a Answer frequency distribution. relative frequency distribution. frequency. cumulative frequency distribution. Question 24 Exhibit 2-3 The number of sick days taken (per month) by 200 factory workers is summarized below. Number of Days Frequency 0 - 5 120 6 - 10 65 11 - 15 14 16 - 20 1 Refer to Exhibit 2-3. The number of workers who took more than 10 sick days per month Answer was 15 was 200 was 185 was 65 Question 25 A graphical presentation of a frequency distribution, relative frequency distribution, or percent frequency distribution of quantitative data constructed by placing the class intervals on the horizontal axis and the frequencies on the vertical axis is a Answer histogram bar graph stem-and-leaf display pie chart Question 26 The sample statistic s is the point estimator of Answer m s Question 27 The birth weight of newborns, measured in grams, is an example of Answer categorical data either categorical or quantitative data neither categorical nor quantitative data quantitative data Question 28 A control chart that is used to monitor the range of the measurements in a sample is Answer a p chart an x-bar chart an R chart an np chart Question 29 The empirical rule states that, for data having a bell-shaped distribution, the percentage of data values being within one standard deviation of the mean is approximately Answer 33 50 68 95 Question 30 The relative frequency of a class is computed by Answer dividing the midpoint of the class by the sample size. dividing the frequency of the class by the midpoint. dividing the sample size by the frequency of the class. dividing the frequency of the class by the sample size. Question 31 When using Excel to calculate a p-value for an upper-tail hypothesis test, the following must be used Answer RAND 1 - NORMSDIST NORMSDIST Not enough information is given to answer this question. Question 32 Excel's __________ function can be used to compute the mean. Answer MAX AVERAGE MEDIAN MODE Question 33 In regression analysis, the variable that is being predicted is the Answer dependent variable independent variable intervening variable None of these answers is correct. Question 34 For a standard normal distribution, a negative value of z indicates Answer a mistake has been made in computations, because z is always positive the area corresponding to the z is negative the z is to the left of the mean the z is to the right of the mean Question 35 Exhibit 9-3 n = 49 H0: m = 50 = 54.8 Ha: m ยน 50 s = 28 Refer to Exhibit 9-3. The test statistic equals Answer 0.1714 0.3849 -1.2 1.2 Question 36 Exhibit 6-5 The weight of items produced by a machine is normally distributed with a mean of 8 ounces and a standard deviation of 2 ounces. Refer to Exhibit 6-5. What is the probability that a randomly selected item will weigh more than 10 ounces? Answer 0.3413 0.8413 0.1587 0.5000 Question 37 Exhibit 2-1 The numbers of hours worked (per week) by 400 statistics students are shown below. Number of hours Frequency 0 - 9 20 10 - 19 80 20 - 29 200 30 - 39 100 Refer to Exhibit 2-1. The percentage of students who work at least 10 hours per week is Answer 50% 5% 95% 100% Question 38 A newspaper wants to estimate the proportion of Americans who will vote for Candidate A. A random sample of 1000 voters is taken. Of the 1000 respondents, 526 say that they will vote for Candidate A. Which Excel function would be used to construct a confidence interval estimate? Answer NORMSINV NORMINV TINV INT Question 39 Exhibit 12-2 You are given the following information about y and x. y x Dependent Independent Variable Variable 5 15 7 12 9 10 11 7 Refer to Exhibit 12-2. The least squares estimate of b0 equals Answer -7.647 -1.3 21.4 16.41176 Question 40 From a population of 200 elements, the standard deviation is known to be 14. A sample of 49 elements is selected. It is determined that the sample mean is 56. The standard error of the mean is Answer 3 2 greater than 2 less than 2
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