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What is the level of significance of a test of hypothesis?




An auto dealer researching customer preferences for cars asks customers which colors they prefer in a car from a choice of red, yellow, black, and white. The data being collected can be categorized as




Which of the following choices determines the extent to which a measuring instrument measures what the researcher sets out to measure?




Which type of scale consists of statements that express either a favorable or unfavorable attitude toward an object of interest?




The assignment of numbers or symbols to a property of objects according to value or magnitude is called




 Rachel is conducting a telephone interviews for Blockbuster. When she interviews customers of Netflix she tends to change the wording of the question “How loyal are you to using Blockbuster” to “So, you aren’t loyal to Blockbuster, are you”. Which of the following sources of error in communication research is present in this example?




 Every time a Netflix customer returns a DVD, Netflix asks the customer to evaluate the DVD relative to other DVDs on a scale from one to five.  Netflix is using… question to learn  customer preferences.




 When target questions present the participants with a fixed set of choices, they are



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