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Start collecting “mass media’ news articles that pertain to any aspect of child abuse or neglect.  These can be write-ups about a case, a program that treats victims and/or abusers, about a state system or child protective agency, etc.  They do not have to be all the same type of article.  Your collection can include a variety of different types   You should choose the best 5-10 to analyze for the following “main” question:




We all know that the media is a very powerful tool. The way information is presented can affect lots of different things in lots of different ways.  This critical thinking project is to give you the opportunity to read articles about child abuse and neglect in a different way than you normally would, with a different “pair of thinking glasses” on so you can see and identify more clearly how the media’s viewpoint affects this social problem and efforts to combat it.


In analyzing “the effect” these articles have, questions you want to consider as you analyze each one include:


*    What appears to be the reporter’s view of the people/event involved in the story? Does the author use value words to communicate his/her view?


*    Does the reporter appeal to the reader to adopt a specific view? Does the author use value words to convey this appeal?   


*    Are there sufficient facts or data included in the article?  What might the answer to this question suggest?


*    Does the reporter offer any solutions?  What does the answer to this question suggest?


*    What impact does the article have on the reader?             

What might be a short term and/or long term risk/benefit of this impact on child abuse intervention efforts?


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