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Accreditation Audit






AFT – Task3

Tracer Patient Summary























A 1.   Tracer Patient Review

The tracer patient is a 67 year old  woman who was due to undergo a laparoscopic hysterectomy at Nightingale Community Hospital. Five weeks prior to her scheduled hospitalization, she experienced excessive uterine bleeding  and was admitted to the hospital for an open hysterectomy procedure.


She was later discharged from the hospital but began running a fever and having  problems with drainage. Seven days ago, the patient had to be re-admitted for a possible postoperative infection. Two days after being re-admitted, it became necessary for the patient to undergo another surgery, this time to clear up the drainage and to put in a central line in order to administer IV antibiotics. This patient is scheduled for release and will be returning home for her recovery.  She will receive home health services in o