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American hunger and poor dietary

It is true that many American suffers from poor nutrition and hunger today, and the number is expected to rise without proper food security policing. The hunger itself may not be a total lack of food but access to food that is not fit for healthy eating. While that holds, there are also members of American society that suffer from underfeeding problem and they need help. All these constitute poor dietary and general hunger. Therefore, something significant needs to be done by the government, NGOs and other stakeholders in the industry to mitigate this situation.

Poverty Overview

Inconsistency in domestic food supply

It is clear that many American families can afford to eat today, but they don’t have food security for tomorrow. It is clear that general family needs including the rent expenses, gas expenses, and others make it expensive for all families to meet daily healthier food needs. It is very clear that many American can afford to meet shelter and clothing needs but