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Compare and Contrast Management vs. Leadership


There are many differences between management and leadership. Management relies on positional power that is authority or status. It depends on the rules, structures and systems within an organization, which surround a job. Leadership relies on personal power. This comes from the ability to develop strong and mutually rewarding relationships. It depends upon good interpersonal skills, positive personal characteristics and supportive behavior. The key to leadership is influence. Leadership is a facet of good management but a leader does not necessarily have the positional power of a manager.


The manager’s primary commitment is to the employing organization. His/her job is to manage members of the organization in achieving that organization’s goals using his/her positional power.

Scientific Management

F.W. Taylor believed that the most efficient methods for completing a task and for the selection, development and motivation of employees could be scientifically determined.

His theories were based on his studies of pig-iron production lines at the Bethlehem Steel Corporation, and centered on the increased productivity of a Dutch laborer by the name of Schmidt. By t