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CJHS 430 Week 3 Protective Order (***** 592 Words + APA Format + References *****) Research your state’s law, or a state in which you are familiar, on protective orders and identify who is covered and who is not. Draft a 350- to 700-word position statement to a state legislator, recommending improvements to the law and articulate solid arguments to support your recommendations based on best practice and victim rights and protection. In general, is the person identified in the order is under correctional supervision? Would that change your recommendations for improving the law? Include a discussion of duration or scope of coverage. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Include at least three scholarly references. CJHS 430 Week 3 Individual Assignment Protective Order CJHS/430 CJHS 430 Week 3 Protective Order Week 3 Protective Order
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