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  In chapter 18 page 468 the textbook talks about the war on drugs, and the textbook says, that
“crusades against the use of drugs have recurred in U.S. politics since the late 1800’s, the latest manifestation began in 1982, when President Ronald Reagan declared another war on drugs and asked congress to set aside more money for drug enforcement personnel and for prison space”. This was a time when the country was scared by the huge amount of people that used and was affected by that of crack cocaine, which took hold of many cities and communities and resulted in a huge increase in murder rates in the neighborhoods that were affected by this highly addictive drug. Because of this in the year of “”1987 Congress imposed stiff mandatory sentences for federal law violations, and many of the states in this country copied those laws. And for the following Presidents and administrations the war just kept on going, these administration just kept begging congress to set aside billions of dollars for an all-out law enforcement war or campaign on drugs. This war on drugs has only achieved one thing since its creation by President Ronald Reagan. It has filled and over populated our nations prisons, with only six percent of state prisoners convicted of a drug offense in 1980, today the percentages are much higher in state and federal prisons. The next bit of info comes from the war on drugs video from the lesson plan for week s