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Wal-Mart Research Analysis Project


Each group is required to perform an in-depth, longitudinal analysis of a company and the industry in which it operates and submit one report?

Project (Company Analysis)

You are required to perform an in-depth, longitudinal analysis of a company (Wal-Mart) and the industry in which it operates and submit one report.

Written report submission

  • The project report should single spaced, using 12-point size font, and should not exceed 25 pages (excluding cover page, tables, figures, appendices, references, and endnotes)
  • The report should contain the following sections:

1.      Table of Contents

2.      Executive Summary of project

3.      Company Background/History

4.      Analysis section (including Environmental/Industry analysis, Competitor analysis, Company SWOT analysis, and Tracking/Discussion of company performance over time; at least 5 years)

5.      Important issues and problems faced by the company and reasonable solutions to these issues/problems; (including social responsibility)

6.      List of references

7.      Exhibits (Tables and charts)


The Industry Environment

  • A brief history of the industry (development stages)
  • Global/local market position (e.g., size of major markets, products, customers and end users, pricing structure)
  • This is an introduction to the industry

The company's external environment

  • Identify and profile the major strategic groups (You may use size, market share, and other critical and relevant variables to identify viable strategic groups in the industry)
  • Key success factors (What does it take to succeed in this industry, or in each strategic group? What can a company do to gain a competitive advantage? What does it take just to survive in this industry?)
  • Identify and compare key strategies pursued by major players in the industry; you are also expected to discuss which strategy seems to be most successful in the industry, and why

The Microenvironment

  • Special strategic issues facing the industry (such as changes in governmental policies, changes in demographics, globalization, etc.).
  • Competitor analysis – What are other companies currently doing
  • Company SWOT analysis – This table should be included as well as a written explanation
  • Tracking/Discussion of company performance over time; at least 5 years – financial outlook – also include stock analysis if applicable

Company Analysis (Section 6):

Key Strategic Issue

  • From your team's industry analysis and your competitive advantage analysis of the firm, identify a single major strategic issue facing the company (the best issues are typically either major problems to be solved, or major opportunities to take advantage of)


  • Develop, in detail, two or three viable strategic alternatives. In each alternative you should
    • Show how it addresses the key strategic issue
    • Show the ability of the company to successfully pursue each alternative (from competitive advantage analysis, and financial analysis)
    • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative
  • Make sure you completely discuss all of the above for the first alternative, and then do the same for the second alternative
  • Do not jump back and forth between discussing each alternative

Recommended Course of Action

  • Select one alternative and discuss why this alternative was chosen over the other


  • Discuss how the recommended course of action can be implemented and how the disadvantages and risks of the chosen alternative can be minimized or handled

Company's Social Responsibility

  • Explain the company's current position on being ethical and moral



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