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To build a complete working C++ program to review basic C++ concepts focusing on multi-file C++ applications, input files, and strings.


Write a program to create a system allowing a user to perform various functions relevant to a time almanac. Your program should be a basic console application that will:

  1. Prompt the user to enter a month, year, and 3-character city airport identifier (i.e. 1 2010 MBS)
  2. Print the monthly calendar for the month
  3. Build and print a sunrise/sunset table of the for a given city for the month entered by the user

Your program should read in a list of city airport identifiers from a file (cityinfo.txt). that includes their geographical coordinates (latitude,longitude) and time zones. Your program should then allow the user to enter a three-character airport ID an integer month and a four-digit integer year.

Your program should search the list of city data you have access to and get the coordinates necessary for the sunrise/sunset calculations. If the airport ID is not in the list, provide an appropriate message. The file format has the city code on a line followed on the next line with the latitude and longitude and time zone. Along with validation of the airprt code, be sure to validate by checking that the month code is 1...12.

Sample output is provided for January 2014 for the location of MBS. Include the correct day of the week identifier for the dates you include in the report (i.e. MON, TUE, etc.).

Finally, include a feature that will give the user a Do you wish to continue? prompt that will allow them to enter another city and/or date range. Using arrays for the city information will allow you to simply enter another array/list search instead of closing and reopening the input file.

Using arrays for the city information will allow you to simply enter another array/list search instead of closing and reopening the input file.

Your program should utilize the following tools:

  • cityinfo.txt: A list of city airport identifiers with geographical coordinates (latitude first, then longitude, then time zone).
  • sun.h and sun.cpp: Primary function for calculating sunrise and sunset from a date and geographical coordinate.
  • datefun.h and datefun.cpp: Several relevant date processing algorithms. Hint: you will require the algorithm for finding the day of the week any day is on.

Note: You have formal permission to use all instructor-provided functions provided credit is given within comments in your code as as long as the provided functions are unchanged.

Design your application using guidelines to maximize modularity, reusability, and maintainability. Utilize the "sun" and "date" functions in their current form - as external function sets that will be included into your main "driver" program for this application.


Deliver the following as your final product:


  • All  final source code files (.cpp and/or .h files; only those build/changed by you)
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