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Write a recommendation report for a person in your program field who is required to participate in volunteer work. Research at least three volunteer positions. Use keywords or concepts... Or synonyms Example: Volunteering How many concepts or related words can you come up with? • Double space within paragraphs and between paragraphs. Also, double space between sections. Use Times New Roman, 12 point font throughout the report. The report must be a minimum of 1500 words, 2000 words • Use inductive strategy to organize the report. That is, give your recommendations at the end of the report. The report will have the following sections: introduction, background, findings, conclusion, and recommendation. Begin the report with a brief introduction which introduces the focus of the report and explains the research methods used. Then have a background section that gives the information about the careers or volunteer positions. After this section, present the findings, the data which compares the careers or volunteer positions, followed by a conclusion section which analyzes and summarizes the data. End the report with a recommendation section which explains the recommended career or volunteer position as well as lists and explains the actions to be taken to achieve the goal of getting the recommended career or volunteer position. • Include a minimum of five in-text citations (APA style) in the report, making sure that citations are used everywhere they are required, no matter the number. ALL information taken from secondary sources must be properly cited in order for the report to be marked. Sources must be properly listed in the reference page in order for the report to be marked.
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