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Virtualization involves computing that creates virtual software that mirrors actual version of something like hardware platform, the storage device, network resources and operating system. Virtualization has great concerns in creating a system within a system so as to share the resources. This sharing of resources is enabled by software which is designed to create environment on use (Menken, 2008). The virtualization software performs the operation by creating instances that separate partitions on machine. Certainly, the virtualization software juggles the machine resources in which each instance has what is needed in order to run effectively.

The virtualization is beneficial in most ways like enabling the users to try the multiple operating systems on a system without having to rebuild it within each time. The other benefit is that, it allows different platforms to share resources and creates a mini laboratory on a computer; allowing experimentation without risking the whole machine (Portnoy, 2012). An appropriate example of virtualization is web hosting whereby it is connected to the internet backbone in which the server runs the virtualization software. Most of the businesses are running as a result of virtualization. This is because the virtualization software allows businesses to host several software platforms on each server thus making optimal of the available resources.

The virtualization technology is used in making hardware resources expandable without having to shift software and data from one place to another. In addition to the uses of virtualization, it is also used in lowering costs of the computer hardware as a multiple virtual servers which can be preferably hosted in single server hardware (Wolf, 2005). Most often, the virtualization are used to set up the separate environments for each software application in order to avoid one application from interfering with the other. Virtualization may also be used as a standardized tool. Considering businesses, the virtualization software provides infrastructure which allows businesses to accommodate new wave of the computer functionalities. There are various levels in which virtualization works on, these levels include server virtualization, storage virtualization, and the network virtualization, together with the system virtualization.

Use the internet to research this technique. Research the top three (3) selling brands of virtualization software.

The top three selling brands of virtualization include VMWare, Symantec, and the Microsoft Application Virtualization. The VMWare Server is certainly identified as the free virtualization software from VMWare. It support almost all of the operating systems as guests or even hosts but the 64 bits guest OS might cannot be installed on 32 bit host. This virtualization brand has support for the USB devices, and also it supports bridged, the host and t