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CheckPoint:  Vendor Search for Backup and Recovery Solutions

Research a vendor that offers backup and/or disaster recovery solutions, and write a 350-500 word summary of their solutions.


Approx { 3490 Words  } + 3 References + once sold in SOF got an A+. Use it as a Guide
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As far as my concern a vendor named i365 Inc. a data back-up vendor that helps in backing up as well as recovering the data for the company on a small scale or mid-sized or the medium scaled business. In case if the data backups in the hard disk or something else gets crashed or burnt out then at that time, it can be used. i365 is one among the small division of storage vendor of Seagate Technology  LLC, that declared the three more of its products which when added to EVault online backup and recovery software will allow to create a perfect online back-up for the data for a small as well as the medium sized business organization which can be recovered in case if there is any emergency or an unpredicted disaster.

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