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Research the Goldman Sachs website. Using your research findings from the Library and the Internet, develop both an EFAS (External Factors Analysis Summary) table and an IFAS (Internal Factors Analysis Summary) table. The tables are to be submitted in one Excel file (one sheet for the EFAS and one sheet for the IFAS), separate from your assignment that will be written in MS Word. You will be graded on your knowledge of the software and math in building the MS Excel tables, and on your ability to communicate in writing and present your arguments. The description of both your environmental and internal scanning process, including what factors you considered and why will be in your MS Word file. In summary, you will submit two files: one file in MS Excel, which will count as two written pages, and one file in MS Word, which should be 4-6 pages in length. Please submit your assignment. RUBRICS: •EFAS - formulas, totals, brief details (20 points) •IFAS - formulas, totals, details (20 points) •Narratives (60 points) Instructor Comments: Additional requirements for IP2: 1. One Excel file should include IFAS / EFAS. When saving the file, make sure your full name is included as part of the file name: i.e: mernoush-banton-IP2.xls (replace mernoush banton with your name. 2. MS Word file should include a copy of the IFAS / EFAS tables from the Excel file along with additional narrative / comments (if none was mentioned in the comments section of the tables). If adequate comments was included / cited in the comments section of the tables, then there is no need to repeat yourself. See chat slides under “Instructor’s Files” and Announcements when unit 2 starts.

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In the global era, competition is becoming high in all industries. Due to the presence of many competitors in the banking and investment sector, many challenges are faced by the organizations. Goldman Sachs is a global investment banking and security firm that engages into investment, security and financial services (About Goldman Sachs, 2010). Many challenges are faced by Goldman Sachs at global level in banking and investing sector. External and internal environment analysis of the firm will be conducted to assess the firm’s strength, weakness, opportunity and threat (Murphy, 2009).

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