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Word Count: 400+

Select a current media issue you find noteworthy from one of the following website devoted to media criticism:

· (The Drug War Topic)


Using the website above, research the Drug War topics write a 400+ word paper that analyzes a current media ETHICAL ISSUES.


Cite at least two scholarly peer-reviewed scholarly journals per team member in your research.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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According to Schack (2011), “The privatization of war-making – especially in regard to the waging of the war on terror – is well  documented, but there are other emerging markets for the burgeoning ‘private security industry’. In fact, the war on drugs represents one of the most potentially lucrative market opportunities for what has been called the ‘narco-carceral complex’, an industry that is uniquely positioned to profit from the drug war, and is financially self-interested in the perpetuation of this war” (p. 142).

The most important part in the relationship between the drug policy of the government and science is the opioid maintenance treatment (Hoyle, 2010)