Using Language to Achieve a Leadership Purpose (Graded A+) - use as a guide only - 19184

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    • Chapter 3: Using Language to Achieve a Leadership Purpose


Style is important in determining how a message will be received? What is style? Can you change your natural style? Should you change your natural style of communicating?


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1.     Why is it important to use correct grammar?

2.     The following statement is made “When you start paying attention to how words work in sentences, you quickly realize that you can determine the part of speech by the position of the word in the sentence.” Is it really that easy? Can you determine part of speech of a word by its place in a sentence? Does this really matter in the context of effective communications?

Your essay responses must be a minimum of 2 paragraphs totaling 250-300 words, unless specified differently by your instructor. To answer each of these questions you must apply the information you have learned within this unit. You must EXPLAIN, provide examples, and cite outside resources to receive full credit.! Cite all references in APA format.


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