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What are the main issues in American Corrections today? Despite decades of research, no one has been able to suggest any possible solution. Is there any Academic research not yet done or not known widely which can help US corrections solve its issues? Write a 10-12 page paper with references . APA style
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table shows theXXXXXXXXXXXavailable with the actual number of inmates shown as the % in custody of the lowest available capacity and also the highest available capacity. It is surprising to see that as on 30th September, 2014, Federal prisoners in custody was 133% of the installed capacity whereas, except for three small states of Rhode Island, New Mexico and Mississippi (where custodial figures are in the 50%-70% of available capacity range), for the other states the minimum figure which oneXXXXXXXXXnd the maximum is 192% in Alabama. Every year the US government spends billions of dollars in corrections