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Resources:Huffman Trucking in the Virtual Organizations; the entity relationship diagram, tables, and sample database from the Week Two and Week Three individual assignments

Prepare a presentation for senior management at Huffman Trucking explaining how integrating the fleet truck maintenance information into the corporate data warehouse will support organizational goals.

Explainhow business intelligence may improve efficiencies and fleet performance.

Provide a detailed example of a data-mining technique or application and how it will provide information useful to management.

·         Describe a data-mining technique from Table 9-4 of Modern Database Management or a data-mining application from Table 9-5 of Modern Database Management.

·         Identify a specific use of this data-mining tool with the information from the sample database from the Week Four individual assignment.

·         Identify the attributes that this data-mining tool will access.

·         Explain how the information gathered using this data-mining tool will support Huffman Trucking’s organizational goals.

Support your arguments with at least four peer-reviewed or industry publications.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper displaying your results

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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Huffman Trucking maintains extensive vehicle fleet maintenance logs, with data on vehicles, parts, tires, maintenance, warranty, costs and dates of service. Management wants to know whether it would be strategically

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