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The following Learning Team project is due in Week Six with review points given throughout the course.

Your Learning Team represents the CIO for one of the Virtual Organizations. Each Learning Team must do the following:

Choose a Virtual Organization for this assignment with approval from their instructor.

Create a 12- to-15 page paper and a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation to executive management, presenting the following:

·         Define the business goals, objectives, and needs that the database management system will meet in your Virtual Business Organization.

·         A staffing model to support database administration and development in the IT organization

·         Document the use of a Microsoft®Visio®diagram as an entity relationship diagram (ERD) modeling tool for the IT organization. Define the standards, polices, and practices that the Virtual Organization should put in place to use aMicrosoft® Visio®diagram for ERD within the organization.

·         An implementation approach for the database design process to the Virtual Organization Include recommendations on how the Virtual Organization should design and implement these processes and approaches. Ensure that the processes and approaches that you recommend address the phases of the database design process, including the following:

o    Conceptual design of the database

·         Data analysis and requirements

·         Entity relationship modeling and normalization

·         Data model verification

·         Distributed database design

o    Database management system (DBMS) selection

o    What does a DBMS do?

o    Why did you pick this DBMS to meet the Virtual Organization’s requirements?

o    How does the DBMS integrate with the rest of the technology infrastructure in the organization?

o    Logical design of the database

·         Map the conceptual model to the logical model components.

·         Validate the logical model using normalization.

·         Validate the logical model integrity constraints.

·         Validate the logical model against user requirements.

o    Physical design of the database and justification of why security, performance, and backup and recovery processes are important to the Virtual Organization. Include the following processes in your design:

·         Define data storage organization.

·         Define integrity and security measure.

·         Determine performance measures.

·         Define backup and recovery processes.

How the organization will meet database application and reporting requirements

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